Key Reasons People Lose Data and Should Backup Online

Data leaks are a problem that more and more companies around the world face every year. Check key reasons why people lose data and should backup online in the article below.

What is Backup, and Why Do You Need Data Backup?

Many users underestimate the importance of backing up their files. This is often remembered only when data important for the work is lost. Meanwhile, using backups, you can completely insure yourself against such troubles. Backing up user files will ensure against any risks of losing important data.

A backup is the creation of a copy of your files on another device or in the cloud in case the main device is lost or damaged. Actually, its essence is that if there are problems with information on the main computer/smartphone/tablet, the copy will not suffer. In addition, making a copy is much easier than resurrecting your erased data with suffering.

The Main Reasons Why the Data Can be Lost

Backup is the process of creating a copy of important files on additional media. Surely everyone has come across the fact that data from a computer can be damaged or destroyed in principle, and if you do not have a copy, then it is impossible to restore important documents. Therefore, such copying serves as a kind of lifeline that will help restore the necessary data. In addition, a backup is useful even if the main device is not available.

Let’s look at the most common causes of data loss:

    1. Damage to computer components. A hard drive can fail at any time for various reasons (manifested marriage, power surge, accidental shock or fall, etc.).
    2. Software failure. Programs are written by people, and people make mistakes. A software glitch may prevent the operating system from loading, and you may not be able to use the contents of the computer.
    3. Intruders. Unfortunately, our society is also not ideal, and there are those who want to take advantage of other people’s work by stealing a device with information on it.
    4. Malicious programs. Various viruses can corrupt/delete your files or encrypt them in order to extort money from you. Antivirus does not always help (we will talk about this in the next IT lessons).

Causes of Data Loss

In a world where data is considered the main value of a company, not caring about saving information means deliberately putting your business at risk. Unfortunately, most learn about backup when it’s too late, and the loss cannot be returned. However, there are other options.

Why do we need site backups, and how to do them? The answer is unambiguous – this is the best opportunity in case of an unforeseen problematic situation to return to the verified version of the web resource. A project can become inoperable due to various reasons: due to hacking, virus infection, CMS malfunction, or unsuccessful update. The backup will protect the data, allowing you to quickly return the working version of the website. Without a backup, every day, a user runs the risk of losing his site, with all its data.

The most common causes are:

    • erroneous deletion or modification of a file;
    • overwriting a file with the necessary information with a file with the same name but containing unnecessary information;
    • accidental or forced media formatting;
    • hard drive failure;
    • operating system failure;
    • virus attack or hostile actions of hacker programs.